Hamburg has maritime weather with moderately warm and sometimes humid summers. The weather in August usually is fine with daytime high temperatures in the 20s (°C) which occasionally go up to the 30 °C marker. In the night the temperatures sometimes fall below 10°C, so better take a light pullover or a jacket with you. And, being in Hamburg, it is never a bad idea to take an umbrella as rain showers are frequent even in August.

The table below shows some averaged August weather data from the last years.

August averages for 2000-2008

Average low temperature (°C)

13.3 ± 1.1

Average temperature (°C)

17.9 ± 1.3

Average high temperature (°C)

22.6 ± 1.6

Average sunshine (h/d)

6.1 ± 1.1

Average number of days with rain

13.3 ± 5.4

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